Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training Program

Semi-Private Training is similar to 1-on-1 Training but with a little less attention on each individual as there are up to 4 people in the session, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you are fairly confident exercising without constant supervision. If the goals of the group are the same, this may be the best route to pursue. The perks of semi-private training are that you get to choose who you work out with, and the cost per individual is decreased.

Something that differentiates Semi-Private Training from One-to-One Training is the comradery. Having someone exercising right beside you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own. Exercising with a friend or a small group can act like an accountability and support system, something unique to semi-private training. Studies have shown that training in these small groups actually improves results because of a community effect and is the same reason why many professional athletes train in small groups.

Semi-Private Training is not to be confused with a Group Class. Each Individual will still get a customised program specific to them and will be watched and corrected just as if we were in a One-to-One session. Using the same or similar equipment as your group mates, you will be able to do the same or similar exercises with different variations appropriate to each person’s fitness level.

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