One-on-One Training

One-On-One Personal Training 

My top priority is to get you moving pain-free if you are not already. Each exercise program is heavily personalised to you, and your goals. I take a Client Comes First approach to designing programs. This means there will be exercises designed to improve attributes that will help you reach your goals, whether you like them or not.

Working One-to-One optimizes and accelerates results by fine-tune your strengths and address your weaknesses with a strategy that is designed specific to you. There will typically always have a warm-up and cooldown in each session. The warm-ups are usually designed to help with minor postural deviations, or to get you primed for the main work out exercises and movements.
Corrective Exercise programs are exclusive to One-to-One Training because everyone’s issues are the different, and they come from different aspects of a person’s lifestyle.


Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise is extremely specific, and not all corrective exercises will work for everyone. The exercise program typically includes strength training and functional exercise. Form, balance, and posture are emphasized.

No matter how incredible a fitness program is designed, no one can outwork a poor diet. Ultimately it is your decision to make changes to your diet. However, if I identify your diet as being a problem, I will challenge you to make subtle changes to your diet; all in the interest for you to reach your goals.


Tell, show, do.

Until you have fully learned a movement pattern; the tell, show, do technique is how I will mainly give you detailed instructions on how to do an exercise. I will describe how the exercise is done, show you how I want you to do it, then get you to try.

Whether you are seeking a total body transformation, rehabilitation from an injury, improve your posture, relieving chronic pain, or increase your athletic ability, I can help. I only ask that you put in the effort.

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